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At first glance, Old Armor Beer Company looks like a typical brewery, but the men who run it are far from ordinary. Old Armor Beer is owned and operated by combat veterans who served overseas protecting America, and are now looking to the craft beer industry to make their mark.


We know first-hand the difficulties and sacrifices that our service men and women face each day, and have made it our mission to not only provide great craft beer, but to give back anyway we can. We have dedicated 12 unique brews to charitable foundations annually. These charitable beers are dedicated to giving back to veterans, first responders and our community.


In addition to giving back, we have also made a way so that you can participate in giving back with our “Pay It Forward Board”. This allows anyone to buy a beer for a veteran or first responder in advance and when that veteran or first responder comes in, their beer is already covered. Though it may be a small act of kindness, it can be just what that hero needed.


The Craft Beer industry is constantly changing. As combat veterans, to adapt and overcome is something we are all too familiar with. We will continually raise the bar, adapt and make each brew better. We're our toughest critics and will always strive to brew the most American beer ever. We're not guided by what anybody else is doing. We embrace the motto of leading from the front just like we did in our military service.


If you love veterans, and great craft beer make sure to drop in and we’ll serve you up an ice cold pint of Freedom!

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